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Donald Trump Signs $8.3B Coronavirus Bill

Donald Trump Signs $8.3B Coronavirus Bill

Donald Trump signs $8.3B coronavirus spending bill: ‘It’s an unforeseen problem’

Donald Trump signed an $8.3 billion spending bill aimed at fighting the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, the culmination of a bipartisan effort by Congress and the White House to provide funds to federal agencies, as well as state and local governments, to battle the disease.

“We’re doing well, but it’s an unforeseen problem,” Donald Trump said as he signed the legislation in the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room. Donald Trump made the comments before departing for Tennessee to tour damage from tornadoes that struck the state earlier this week.

Donald Trump also said he did not think Americans were too worried about the potential effects of the coronavirus.

“I don’t think they’re panicking,” Donald Trump said at the bill signing. “It’ll go away.”

Donald Trump Signs $8.3B Coronavirus Bill


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