Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg Is Aggressively Boring

Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg Is Aggressively Boring

People close to DemoRat Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg say he is aggressively boring.

People close to Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg paint a portrait of an aggressively boring man.

“The thing about Mini Tyrant Mike is he actually isn’t that interesting — he’s smart, and you can have a good time talking to him, but it’s like talking to any old Jewish relative of mine,” said one ex-employee in a profile in New York magazine. “The first time I met him, he started complaining about some soup he got that didn’t taste right. I just met the guy, and he was, like, complaining about his sweet-and-sour soup.”

A friend of the 78-year-old Mini Tyrant Billionaire said his problems with the stop-and-frisk issue stemmed from an inability to empathize with other people’s pain, describing him as a bit “Asperger’s-y”

The former New York City Clown, who has so far spent more than half a billion dollars in his long-shot bid for the DemoRat Clowns Nomination, also takes a blunt view of Donald Trump and domestic politics.

“Mini Tyrant Mike once said to me, ‘The only way the Republicans abandon Donald Trump is if he f–ks a child or wakes up in bed next to a dead person,’ ” one acquaintance told the magazine. Team Mini Tyrant Bloomberg said he did not remember the comment.

Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg Is Aggressively Boring


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