Bad ‘Actress’ Debra Messing Coronavirus

Bad 'Actress' Debra Messing Coronavirus

Bad ‘Actress’ Debra Messing Says Donald Trump Putting ‘Americans in Mortal Danger’ in Fake News Coronavirus Rant.

Bad ‘Actress’ Debra Messing is the latest prominent DemoRat to blame Donald Trump for the coronavirus by repeating false allegations that Donald Trump enacted drastic budgetary cuts on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Bad ‘Actress’ Debra Messing launched into an unhinged tirade claiming that Donald Trump “puts Americans in mortal danger,” citing a two-year-old Fake News Washington Post article about proposed budget cuts to the CDC.

The Will & Grace deranged star failed to mention that those cuts never went into effect and that Congress has actually increased funding to the CDC and National Institutes of Health.

“THIS is why Trump MUST GO! He puts Americans in mortal danger,” Bad ‘Actress’ Debra Messing said.

Bad ‘Actress’ Debra Messing’s false claim echoes those made by DemoRat Presidential Clowns Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden and Mini Mike Bloomberg during the South Carolina debate on Tuesday. Both Clowns accused Donald Trump of cutting funding to the CDC, implying that he made the U.S. more vulnerable to a potential coronavirus outbreak.

Bad ‘Actress’ Debra Messing Coronavirus


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