DemoRats Are Lying To Public About Coronavirus

DemoRats Lying To Public About Coronavirus

The Corrupt DemoRats Are Lying to the Public About the Coronavirus.

An Associated Press fact check confirms: that DemoRat Presidential Clowns are falsely claiming that Donald Trump cut funding and personnel needed to fight coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Breitbart News fact-checked “mostly false” claims by former New York City Clown Mini Mike Bloomberg during the DemoRat Clowns debate in South Carolina. Mini Mike Bloomberg claimed that Donald Trump had “fired” a pandemic specialist at the White House, and “defunded” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The implication: Donald Trump was to blame for the spread of coronavirus — even though there have been just over a dozen cases and no fatalities in the U.S.

The truth: the pandemic specialist had left voluntarily during a reorganization of the bloated National Security Council (NSC), and the CDC cuts — as the agency wound down its Ebola response — were only proposed, not enacted.

The AP confirmed Thursday, in an article titled “AP FACT CHECK: Democrats distort coronavirus readiness,” that much of what DemoRats are saying about Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus challenge is simply not true.

DemoRats Are Lying To Public About Coronavirus

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