Village People Donald Trump’s ‘Macho Man’

Village People Donald Trump's 'Macho Man'

An American disco group Village People defend Donald Trump’s use of ‘Macho Man’ at India rally.

The disco group Village People declared their music is for everyone, “regardless of their political affiliation,” after Donald Trump irked disco fans by using “Y.M.C.A.” and “Macho Man” during campaign events.

The Village People’s 1978 hit “Macho Man” played to a packed cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, India, just before Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the stage on Monday.

The Village People later issued a statement saying anti-Trumper fans had been pressuring them to ban Donald Trump from using their music at future events.

“With the latest use of ‘Macho Man’ in India, we are being inundated and can no longer remain silent,” the band wrote on Facebook.

“Since our music is not being used for a specific endorsement, the President’s use is ‘perfect[ly]’ legal,” the Village People continued. “He has remained respectful in his use of our songs and has not crossed the line; if he or any other candidate were to use any of our songs in a manner that would suggest our endorsement, or in a promotional advertisement, that would cross the line”.

Village People Donald Trump’s ‘Macho Man’

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