Illegal Criminals Ahead Of New Yorkers

Illegal Criminals Ahead Of New Yorkers

Gov. Hightax Andrew Cuomo’s DemoRat Policies are putting Illegal Criminals ahead of New Yorkers.

New York was the number one target for terrorists in 2001 when over 2,600 people perished in the 9/11 attacks. The Big Apple remains prominently in the terrorists’ crosshairs, so you would think that the state’s Elected Corrupt DemoRat Leadership would be the last Corrupt Politicians on earth to make it harder for law-enforcement to preempt future attacks. Well, think again.

Liberal DemoRats in the Empire State appear far more concerned about playing Corrupt Identity Politics and pandering to the Far DemoRat Left than they are about protecting the New York Citizens they were elected to represent.

New York State is not yet a sanctuary state, as are eight others throughout the nation. But, it’s getting close. Numerous cities and counties throughout the state have already implemented DemoRat Sanctuary Policies that prohibit their employees from cooperating with the feds via sharing information on Illegal Criminals, even when violent undocumented criminals are about to be set loose from prison and back onto our streets.

New York City’s Insane DemoRat Sanctuary Policy recently led to the raping and killing of a 92-year-old woman at the hands of criminal illegal aliens who committed the murder after being released from local police custody — and who otherwise would have been deported had New York City informed the feds of his whereabouts.

Illegal Criminals Ahead Of New Yorkers

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