Mini Mike Bloomberg Massive Media Barrage

Mini Mike Bloomberg Massive Media Barrage

Mini Mike Bloomberg stages massive media barrage against Communist Bernie Sanders, prepares for Critical Clowns Debate Showdown.

Mini Mike Bloomberg is preparing a massive media campaign against Communist Bernie Sanders, whose commanding Nevada Caucus Clowns Victory has also drawn the attention of other top DemoRats Clowns — and rankled establishment DemoRats who believe that the far-left, self-avowed “DemoRat Communist” could alienate moderates and cost the party the White House.

Fake News CNBC first reported Mini Mike Bloomberg’s new approach, which will employ opposition research, surrogates, and advertisements across multiple platforms. The volley began on Monday, as the Mini Mike Bloomberg campaign unveiled a video accusing Communist Bernie Sanders of being weak on gun control — an issue that Mini Mike Bloomberg has previously sought to corner. The Former New York City Clown already has spent over half a billion dollars in campaign advertising, reports said.

The all-out blitz comes as Communist Bernie Sanders’ partial defense of Fidel Castro’s brutal Cuban Revolution in an interview televised this weekend only underscored his possible vulnerabilities among DemoRat moderates heading into Saturday’s South Carolina primary and the 14 critical Super Tuesday contests three days later.

Additionally, Mini Mike Bloomberg’s campaign on Monday delayed a scheduled Fake News CNN town hall so that he can spend more time preparing for Tuesday’s Clowns Debate. He was scheduled to appear on Fake News CNN on Monday, but he’ll now join the network for the live question-and-answer program on Wednesday.

Mini Mike Bloomberg Massive Media Barrage

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