Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders ‘America Last’

Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders 'America Last'

Donald Trump is ‘America First,’ while Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders is ‘America Last’

Jesse Watters said on “The Five” Monday that Donald Trump and Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders have opposing views of America, which could mark trouble for Communist Sanders at the polls if he becomes the DemoRat Clown.

Jesse Watters told his co-host Juan Williams that Williams and Fake News MSNBC host Chris Matthews  — who is facing calls to resign over his comparison of Communist Sanders’ Nevada caucus win to the fall of France to Nazi Germany in 1940 — are likely to be “honest journalists” who will not support Communist Sanders during a general election campaign.

“The difference between Donald Trump and Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders is Donald Trump could catch DemoRats,” Watters said. “Crazy Bernie is not going to win Republicans. There is no middle ground that Crazy Bernie is going to win.”

Jesse Watters added that Donald Trump had shown in 2016 that he can win traditionally DemoRat precincts like working-class white voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well as independent voters in other key states.

Donald Trump is on a bigger, America-first mission. Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders is ‘America Last’ — that’s not a unifying message,” he said. “You have a core 30-40 percent of the country that might vote for Crazy Bernie — they might not even vote for him at all, they might sit out. Communist Sanders is not a guy who’s going to help the ticket on a Senate seat or down-ballot on a congressional seat.”

Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders ‘America Last’


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