Michael Douglas Favors Mini Mike Bloomberg

Michael Douglas Favors Mini Mike Bloomberg

Best Presidential Clown in 40 Years: Deranged Michael Douglas Hits the Campaign Trail for Mini Mike Bloomberg.

Deranged Michael Douglas hit the campaign trail on Sunday for former New York Clown Mini Mike Bloomberg, who Deranged Michael Douglas calls “the best presidential Clown in 40 years.”

The Fatal Attraction star appeared in Mini Mike Bloomberg’s hometown of Quincy, Massachusetts, and told the crowd, “This is really, truly one of the best Clowns we’ve had running for office in 30 to 40 years.”

The 75-year-old deranged actor added that he has “progressively become more and more concerned” about the country under Donald Trump. Michale Douglas said that he was “ecstatic” when the former New York Clown announced his entrance into the race.

Michael Douglas Favors Mini Mike Bloomberg


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