Illegals At Crazy Nancy Pelosi Speech

Illegals Show Up At Crazy Nancy Pelosi Speech… It Did NOT Go Well For Her.

DemoRats invited waves of Illegal Criminals to become a political movement in America. Imagine Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s surprise when they refuse to stick to the DemoRats’ script.

The DemoRats admitting to each other that they believe their political future is explicitly tied to an ongoing stream of Illegal Criminals.

The DemoRats claim to be ‘serving’ the greater good and representing the needs of this downtrodden group. It is closer to the truth to say they are using that demographic for personal and political gain.

Has it ever occurred to them that these are human criminals with thoughts and criminal plans of their own that might be just as ready to use DemoRats as a means to an end as the other way around?

Crazy Nancy Pelosi found herself interrupted by a group that drove EXACTLY that point home — if she wasn’t too dense to receive that message.

Illegals At Crazy Nancy Pelosi Speech