Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s Own Defeat

Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg's Own Defeat

Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg will ensure his own defeat by trying to imitate Communist Bernie Sanders.

What’s the difference between Former New York City Mayor Clown Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg, former Vice Corrupt Crook Joe Biden, former South Bend, Mayor Butt Hugger Pete Buttigieg, and Dumb Amy Klobuchar? That’s the question. On it rests all the prospects for the former New York Clown’s bid for the presidency.

This week marked Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s debut on the national stage. Up to now, the Mini Mike Bloomberg campaign has been entirely prepackaged — more than $400 million worth of ads, canned statements and stump speeches in which Mini Mike Bloomberg refuses to answer questions.

That ended with a Las Vegas beatdown in Wednesday’s debate. As expected, Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s opponents laced into him for his wealth, his stop-and-frisk policies as mayor, his attitude toward women, and lawsuits filed against his company alleging sexual harassment. Less expected was that Mini Mike Bloomberg was utterly — painfully — unprepared for the onslaught. Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg stuttered, barely defended himself, sat meekly as his rivals excoriated him. The mayor several times boasted that he’s the best guy to take on Donald Trump, even as everything he did suggested the opposite.

Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s Own Defeat

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