Crazy Bernie Sanders: ‘Socialist or Communist?’

Crazy Bernie Sanders: 'Socialist or Communist?'

Crazy Bernie Sanders: ‘Is he really a Crazy Socialist, or is he a Crazy Communist?’

Over the years, Presidential Clown Crazy Bernie Sanders has often said he is a “Crazy Democratic Socialist.” In recent days, the Vermont Clown has retooled that description, telling National Public Radio that his version of democratic socialism simply means a “vibrant democracy.” More importantly, Crazy Bernie Sanders currently enjoys lead status in the race; multiple polls consistently put him in first place — prompting some observers to explore the greater implications.

“Is he really a Crazy Socialist, or is he a Crazy Communist? What is socialist about what he wants? Isn’t he more of a communist?” asked Fake News CNBC host Jim Cramer during an on-air discussion.

“It’s a fine line. And it’s authoritarianism either way,” his fellow host Joe Kernen replied.

The bold discussion was not overlooked by Republican analysts.

“Sanders wants a total government takeover of health care that not only eliminates private health insurance, it will increase taxes on anyone making over $29,000. He wants to eliminate drug companies, and he has proposed a government takeover of energy production. He also wants a federal jobs guarantee and he supports the authoritarian Green New Deal. Furthermore, Sanders wants to use abortion to control population growth,” says Steve Guest, rapid response director for the Republican National Committee.

Crazy Bernie Sanders: ‘Socialist or Communist?’




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