BIGGEST LOSER Debate: Mini Mike Bloomberg

BIGGEST LOSER Debate: Mini Mike Bloomberg

BIGGEST LOSER Democratic Presidential Clowns Debate: Former Mayor Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg.

Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s performance was a disaster. He was not the Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg of his ads in this debate – and that’s now a big problem for him. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars on ads has bought Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s name recognition, good poll numbers and a pole position in the debate – but no amount of money can guarantee a great debate performance.

And that was the case Wednesday night. Voters will see clips of this performance on TV and read about it for days, and it will seriously hurt Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s standing in the Presidential Nomination Clowns Race.

Elizabeth Warren exposed the real Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg and it was not a pretty picture. It was Warren’s relentless challenge to Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg on a host of issues – including his treatment of women who worked for him and his refusal to release them from nondisclosure agreements – as well as his treatment of people of color with his stop-and-frisk policy.

Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg’s attempts to apologize and explain only made the situation worse. His apology came off as more about convenience than sincerity – and that will register with voters too.

BIGGEST LOSER Debate: Mini Mike Bloomberg


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