Donald Trump Accuses Mini Mike Bloomberg

Donald Trump Accuses Mini Mike Bloomberg

Donald Trump accuses Mini Mike Bloomberg of ‘illegally buying’ the DemoRat Nomination.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused former New York City Clown Mini Mike Bloomberg of trying to “illegally” buy the DemoRat nomination for president, taking aim at the billionaire businessman’s massive self-funding operation. 

“What Mini Mike is doing is nothing less than a large scale illegal campaign contribution. He is ‘spreading’ money all over the place, only to have recipients of his cash payments, many former opponents, happily joining or supporting his campaign. Isn’t that called a payoff?” Donald Trump tweeted.

…..Mini is illegally buying the Democrat Nomination. They are taking it away from Bernie again. Mini Mike, Major Party Nominations are not for sale! Good luck in the debate tomorrow night and remember, no standing on boxes!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 18, 2020

Donald Trump’s remarks come as Mini Mike Bloomberg, who has been funding his campaign with hundreds of millions of his own money, is rising in the polls. Federal candidates who fund their own campaigns do not face restrictions on how much they can spend of their own money in order to win an election. 

Mini Mike Bloomberg replied shortly thereafter on Twitter, asking Trump: “Why do you want to run against Communist Bernie so badly?” Donald Trump responded that he’d prefer Bloomberg as his general election opponent:

Mini Mike. No, I would rather run against you!

Donald Trump Accuses Mini Mike Bloomberg


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