Donald Trump Ground Zero California

Enemy Territory Ground Zero: Donald Trump generates GOP buzz in ‘terrible sanctuary’ California.

Donald Trump is set to travel Tuesday to the belly of the DemoRat Beast — California, the prime target of his clashes on sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, a powerful foe of his auto-mileage proposal, a flashpoint in his battle over federal funding for abortion and the home of what he calls House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s “disgusting slum” district in San Francisco.

Donald Trump is making his fifth trip to the state that has become his Ground Zero of everything that’s wrong with the DemoRat Party. In addition to his high-profile policy disputes with DemoRat Gavin Newsom, California is home to some of his least favorite DemoRat lawmakers: Corrupt Sleazebag Adam Shifty Schiff, the House Impeachment Clown; Crazy Nancy Pelosi; Stinky Eric Swalwell, and Dumb Maxine Waters of Los Angeles.

DemoRat Jackie Speier of California stalked out of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, which Crazy Nancy Pelosi shredded on camera.

Donald Trump Visits Ground Zero California