CNN’s Shit-Hole Cooper: Banana Republic

CNN’s Shit-Hole Cooper: Banana Republic

CNN’s Shit-Hole Anderson Cooper: Weaponizing Military ‘Next Step’ for Donald Trump to Turn U.S. into Banana Republic.

Shit-Hole Anderson Cooper on Friday accused Donald Trump of trying to turn the United States into a banana republic, given that he is “weaponizing the military.”

While discussing the Department of Justice is dropping its investigation into former FBI Clown Corrupt Andrew McCabe, Shit-Hole Anderson Cooper said, “It fits into the larger theme of weaponizing the Department of Justice against perceived enemies or just people Donald Trump doesn’t like.”

Shit-Hole Anderson Cooper continued, “There was a transcript released today in which the judge in this case previously told Justice Department attorneys that the handling of the case was disturbing in the judge’s words and getting close to a banana republic. Do you agree?”

FBI Clown Corrupt Andrew McCabe said, “I absolutely agree. That’s one of the things that concerns me most about not just the president, but the way that the Justice Department has handled these matters that are clearly so important to this president. We don’t expect to live in a country where the previewed political enemies of the president suddenly become the subjects of criminal investigations in a pursuit to throw political enemies in jail.”

CNN’s Shit-Hole Cooper: Banana Republic


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