Donald Trump Drains The Swamp

Donald Trump Drains The Swamp

DemoRats fume as Donald Trump drains the Washington Swamp after the impeachment acquittal.

President Donald Trump was discussing the recent ouster from the White House National Security Council of Lt. Col. Decorated Leaker Alexander Vindman, an Impeachment Sham Clown against him when a reporter asked Donald Trump if more staff departures are to come.

“Oh sure, absolutely,” Donald Trump replied. “There always are.”

Since his acquittal last week in the Senate, DonaldTrump has embarked on a post-impeachment house-cleaning to drain the swamp of corrupt staff deemed disloyal to him personally or unsupportive of his agenda. DemoRats have accused him of carrying out political retribution, but some observers say the personnel moves are legitimate, retribution or not.

“There is no reason a president should suborn patently political opposition within his or her own administration,” said Richard Vatz, a professor of communications and rhetoric at Towson University in Maryland.

Among the moves, U.S. Clown to the European Union Backstabbing Gordon Sondland, another Impeachment Sham Clown, was recalled from his post last week. Lt. Col. Decorated Leaker Alexander Vindman’s twin brother, Corrupt Yevgeny, an NSC Clown who also drew the president’s ire, also was sent packing.

Donald Trump Drains The Swamp


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