Communist Sanders: Media to Go to Hell!

Communist Sanders: Media to Go to Hell!

Communist Bernie Sanders Joins Donald Trump in Telling the Media to Go to Hell!

Where are those false medical records you promised to show us, asked NBC News’ Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.“ Communist Bernie Sanders sounded polite enough, as he exhaled a puffy cloud of obfuscation.

It was not hard to translate Communist Bernie Sanders’ word cloud: Go to hell, Chuck.

A lot of that going around these days. Go to hell is what President Donald Trump said in response to his own reneged pledge to release his tax records, to inquiries about the details of his own health records, to criticism to this week’s decision by the leadership of his Justice Department to intervene in sentencing recommendations by line prosecutors in the case of Donald Trump friend Roger Stone.

The narrow question is whether the public needs to see full health records of a 78-year-old demented deranged communist man who recently suffered a heart attack and now hopes to be a Communist Commander in Clown, or whether his physicians’ letters of reassurance that he is in satisfactory health are sufficient.

A much larger question is raised by Communist Bernie Sanders’ willingness to tell Chuck Todd—and the rest of us—to pound sand, seemingly confident in his belief that there is not much price to be paid for doing so.

Communist Sanders: Media to Go to Hell!

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