Crooked Joe Biden in the Ropes

Crooked Joe Biden in the Ropes

Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden in the Ropes in New Hampshire.

Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden says he’s not “writing off” New Hampshire – but it sure looks like the Former Vice Clown is lowering expectations in the state that holds the first primary in the race for the White House.

“I took a hit in Iowa and I’m probably going to take a hit here,” Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden said in a striking moment at the top of the latest DemoRat’s Nomination Circus.

Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden’s comments came hours after Top Clowns also seemed to minimize the importance of Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, telling reporters that “the campaign has had a very clear strategy from the day we got into the race. We have articulated that we believe for us the pathway to the nomination runs in particular through Nevada, South Carolina, Super Tuesday, through states that have a more diverse electorate, where Vice President Biden has a tremendous amount of support.”

For Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden, however, at least a third-place finish here could be critical, if only to prevent an exodus of donors and the possible erosion of his so-called “firewall” of support in the looming South Carolina contest. With the race for first increasingly looking to be between Communist Bernie Sanders and former South Bend Butt Hugger Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden is essentially battling with Liar Elizabeth Warren and even Amy Klobuchar for a top-three ticket out of the Granite State.

Crooked Joe Biden in the Ropes


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