Ethics Charges Against Crazy Pelosi

Ethics Charges Against Crazy Pelosi

Matt Gaetz to file ethics charges against DemoRat Crazy Nancy Pelosi, force a vote in House.

House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz said Wednesday he will be filing ethics charges against House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi over what he called her “temper tantrum” following President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address the previous evening.

Matt Gaetz told Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” that he will join two other Republicans and file the charges with the House Ethics Committee on Thursday. Reps. Lee Zeldin of New York and Kay Granger of Texas will join him, he said.

“House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi disgraced the House of Representatives, House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi embarrassed our country and she destroyed official records. The law does not allow House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi to destroy the records of the House and the rules of the House do not permit some little temper tantrum just because you don’t like what the President of the United States says,” Matt Gaetz said.

Matt Gaetz said that he is one of many Republicans who are tired of corrupt political double standards on Capitol Hill. He pointed to Rep. Joe Wilson, a South Carolina Republican who was reprimanded in 2009 for yelling out “You lie!” when then-President Sleazebag Obama claimed illegal immigrants would not be covered by ObamaCare.

Ethics Charges Against Crazy Pelosi


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