DemoRats’ Impeachment Obsession Backfires

DemoRats' Impeachment Obsession Backfires

DemoRats’ impeachment obsession backfires on Corrupt Crooked Joe Biden.

Former Vice Clown Corrupt Crooked Joe Biden on Wednesday called his poor showing in Iowa’s kick-off caucuses a “gut punch.”

If so, it’s a punch delivered largely by his own corrupt party’s obsession with impeachment, which has put the one-time DemoRat front-clown’s record in the spotlight and raised questions about his Crooked son’s Corrupt business dealings in Ukraine and China.

Corrupt Crooked Joe Biden has wilted, and it is Donald Trump, the target of impeachment, who has emerged stronger than ever.

Gallup says DonaldTrump’s approval rating is at a record high 49% — up from 40% when House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry in late September. Gallup says half the country now thinks Donald Trump deserves reelection.

“It looks like this could be the year of the backfire,” said Jim McLaughlin, a GOP pollster who has worked for the Donald Trump team.

DemoRats’ Impeachment Obsession Backfires


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