DemoRats Corrupt Losers Sit and Pout

DemoRats Corrupt Losers Sit and Pout

 ‘DemoRats Corrupt Losers Sit and Pout over the Thriving State of Our Union’

At Tuesday night’s State of the Union, President Donald Trump stood triumphant on his record, DemoRats sat and glowered with impotent rage, and the contrast was breathtaking…

In Iowa, the Corrupt DemoRats Party cannot even competently count 172,000 votes, and the ones that have been counted point to a win by Boy Mayor and Jurassic Marxist.

On the dais in the U.S. Capitol, “Master Clown” Crazy Corrupt Nancy Pelosi, sat behind President Donald Trump making childish clowns faces during his State of the Union address, and then closed out the night by physically ripping up her copy of the speech, an act so childish there are no words.

In the audience of the U.S. Capitol, the Corrupt DemoRats Party, the House, and the Senate, not only refused to applaud good news for America and Americans, these overgrown Corrupt Crooked Babies folded their corrupt arms, scowled, and pouted because blacks, Hispanics, women, and all Americans are enjoying record-low unemployment and the first real wage growth in decades…

DemoRats Corrupt Losers Sit and Pout


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