Corrupt DemoRats Iowa Fiasco

Corrupt DemoRats Iowa Fiasco

Iowa chaos: Corrupt DemoRats undone by reporting fiasco; Little Buttigieg declares victory, Communist Bernie Sanders counters.

The biggest news out of Iowa on Monday was that there wasn’t any news about who actually won the Corrupt Caucuses, thanks to reporting mishaps that threw the Circus Race into a state of Beautiful Chaos.

The first Corrupt Contest in the 2020 Democratic Clowns race ended in a nightmare fashion for the Corrupt Party after Iowa DemoRats bungled the reporting of the results — raising doubts over the accuracy of the pending counts and the impact the caucuses will have on the overall contest as it moves ahead.

The reporting problems put a damper on what DemoRats were hoping would be an electric start to the 2020 Clowns Race, and left the entire field in limbo — stuck waiting for a clearer sense of where they stood in the Corrupt Race after months and months of campaigning, while also looking ahead to the New Hampshire primary next week.

If the DemoRats can’t run a caucus that they had four years to prepare for, how the hell can anyone think they could actually run the country?

Corrupt DemoRats Iowa Fiasco


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