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State of the Union: Impeachment Hoax

State of the Union: Impeachment Hoax

Corrupt DemoRats’ Impeachment Hoax sets stage for boffo State of the Union speech by Donald Trump.

DemoRats are frantic. Not only has their zealous drive to impeach Donald Trump flopped with voters – even in their own Corrupt party – but Donald will soon deliver a barn-burner of a State of the Union speech and there’s nothing they can do to stop him.

To top it off, a Cranky Corrupt Crooked Demented Socialist with zero chance of beating Donald Trump is currently leading in their Primary Clowns Circus.

Liz Peek: Addressing the nation in his State of the Union speech, President Trump will rightly take credit for signing new trade deals, building up our military, pushing our allies to carry more of our mutual defense burden, stemming illegal immigration, supporting our ally Israel, boosting incomes and jobs, confronting China’s malignant cheating and spying, taking out villainous terrorists, ditching cumbersome regulations, soaring homeownership, raising our energy capabilities, and so many other initiatives that somehow overcame the furious resistance of Democrats.

In short, making America safer and more prosperous.

Donald Trump can boast of so many successes and initiatives … that they have gone unheralded by a Fake Liberal Press breathlessly covering the Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff Show.

State of the Union: Impeachment Hoax


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