Mini Mike Bloomberg: ’60 Million’ Fortune Seekers

DemoRat Mini Mike Bloomberg Offers ’60 Million’ Fortune Seekers: $15 Per Hour Plus Mass Migration.

DemoRat Mini Mike Bloomberg is making a pitch for Latino votes with an offer of $15 per hour wages, but also a flood of new Latino migrants eager to compete for jobs, apartments, and K-12 desks in Latino communities.

“I believe we can once again be a country that welcomes immigrants, values immigrants, respects immigrants and empowers them to pursue the American Dream,” DemoRat Mini Mike Bloomberg said in a January 30 tweet.

The conflicting policy offer reflects shared goals of the DemoRat Party’s two main leadership factions: DemoRat Mini Mike Bloomberg and other investors who are eager for imported consumers and workers, and progressives who are eager for imported pro-government voters.

In contrast, Donald Trump promised a low-immigration, “Hire American” policy on Inauguration Day, helping salaries rise for millions of blue-collar Americans, including Latinos. Unemployment rates for Latinos are now at a record low, and wages are at a record high. Half of the 21.5 million working Latinos earn above $712 a week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median wage for Latinos is almost $18 per hour.

Mini Mike Bloomberg: ’60 Million’ Fortune Seekers