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Crazy Nancy Pelosi Is An Idiot

Crazy Nancy Pelosi Is An Idiot

 Impeachment Hoax Proves Crazy Nancy Pelosi is also an Idiot.

For more than a decade the media have told us House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi is some kind of master strategist. Oh, yes, Donald Trump has met his match in Crazy Nancy Pelosi.

Well, she is something closer to an idiot. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined Crazy Nancy Pelosi would botch this impeachment as badly as she did.

Even when a particular strategy is a bad one, it is at least a strategy. You can at least see the strategy in a bad strategy. For example, we understood why John McCain quit his 2008 presidential campaign to go off and try and save the economy. He was hoping to throw the game board over, a game he was losing. It was a terrible strategy, laughably terrible, but you could at least see the strategy.

We even understood why Liar Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test that definitively proved she was not an American Indian with the claim it proved she was. It was a terrible strategy, but we get what Liar Elizabeth Warren was going for. It was neurotic and moronic, but it was at least a strategy.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment “strategy” baffles Us beyond words, because we see no strategy. In fact, when we close our eyes and attempt to picture Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment Hoax strategy, we see Brian Stelter giggling as he tries to snatch a pork chop away from a ravenous Rosie O’Donnell. In other words, no strategy, just impulse, and appetite that cannot end well.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi Is An Idiot
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