Liar Elizabeth Warren Helped Donald Trump

Liar Elizabeth Warren Helped Donald Trump

Liar Elizabeth Warren helped save Donald Trump with one impeachment question during the trial.

Liar Elizabeth Warren helped cement Donald Trump’s likely impeachment acquittal with one of the questions she posed during trial, according to Ted Cruz.

Liar Elizabeth Warren’s question during Thursday’s session sought to impugn the credibility of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. by saying his credibility was on the line in the impeachment trial.

Ted Cruz said the question seemed desired to boost Liar Elizabeth Warren’s struggling presidential campaign, but its immediate effect was to irk key GOP senators who realized DemoRat’s‘ strategy to prolong the trial was centered on trying to drag the chief justice ever deeper into the action.

“Elizabeth Warren helped defeat the impeachment of the president of the United States,” Ted Cruz said late Friday on a new episode of his podcast “The Verdict.”

“That stunt helped deliver the votes of Lisa and Lamar.”

Liar Elizabeth Warren Helped Donald Trump


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