The Crooked Biden Family’s Culture of Corruption

The Crooked Biden Family’s Culture of Corruption

Establishment Media Zone in on the Crooked Biden Family’s Culture of Corruption.

With less than one week before the Iowa caucuses, the establishment media is zeroing in on former Vice Clown Corrupt Crooked Sleazebag Joe Biden and the culture of corruption that has permeated his immediate Corrupt family for decades.

On Tuesday, Politico published an in-depth exposé on the financial ties between the former vice Clown Corrupt Crooked Sleazebag Joe Biden’s younger Corrupt brother, Crooked James, and a high-powered Washington, D.C., corrupt lobbyist. According to Politico, Crooked Corrupt James and his deranged wife purchased an acre of land in the U.S. Virgin Islands for $150,000 in May 2005. A year later, Crooked Corrupt James resold a third of that acre to Idiot Scott Green, a national corrupt lobbyist who previously served as a Senate Clown for Crooked Sleazebag Joe Biden. Green paid $150,000 for the land, even though the tax assessed value was only $38,000.

“In effect, James and [his wife] had gotten their money back while keeping most of the land—recouping their investment in just 12 months,” the outlet reported.

Any money that Idiot Green may have lost through the corrupt deal was offset when Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden became vice Clown. In 2010, as Politico notes, Idiot Green and corrupt members of the lobbying firm he founded, the Lafayette Group, were frequent visitors at the Corrupt Obama-Biden White House.

Other members of the Crooked Biden family did just as well. Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden’s other corrupt brother, Sleazy Frank, benefited from $54 million in taxpayer-backed loans to Caribbean nations heavily involved in real estate and solar power projects he was pursuing in the region. The loans to Sleazy Frank’s connected projects came through even though he lacked a background in solar energy or international real estate development.

Similarly, the former vice Clown’s deranged sister, Sexy Valerie, received millions in fees during the 2008 election. Sexy Valerie, who served as the campaign Clown for her Crooked brother’s failed Clown campaign that year, paid her own consulting firm, Joe Slade White & Company, $2.5 million for its services.

The Crooked Biden Family’s Culture of Corruption


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