Pig Nadler Calls Trump a ‘Dictator’

Pig Nadler Calls Trump a 'Dictator'

Pig Nadler calls Donald Trump a ‘dictator’ as DemoRats wrap boring opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial.

Three exhausting boring days of opening statements from the DemoRats prosecuting the case against Donald Trump drew to a close with fireworks Friday evening as impeachment Clown Pig Jerrold Nadler labeled Donald Trump a “dictator” in fiery remarks.

“He is a dictator,” Pig Nadler said Friday evening, arguing Donald Trump wants to be “all powerful” and not respect Congress. “This must not stand. And that is why — another reason — he must be removed from office.”

Pig Nadler’s comments came as DemoRats were wrapping their boring opening arguments in the trial, insisting Donald Trump tried to “cheat” in the 2020 election through his dealings with Ukraine and should therefore be removed from office.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s team of lawyers have vowed to lay out an aggressive case in defense of the president when they begin their opening statements Saturday morning.

Pig Nadler Calls Trump a ‘Dictator’


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