Adam Shifty Schiff’s Conspiracy Theories

Adam Shifty Schiff's Conspiracy Theories

Lying Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff’s history of inaccuracies, lies, and conspiracy theories follows him to Senate floor.

Lying Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff arrived in the Senate this week as an impeachment trial Clown, leaving the House with a trail of inaccuracies, conspiracy theories, lies and attempts at obstruction, the record shows.

Liberal Fake Corrupt media have bathed the Lying Corrupt DemoRat in praise. A Corrupt CNN analyst called him “dazzling.” A Sleazy Washington Post reporter tweeted that his trial argument to convict Donald Trump was one for the ages.

Conservatives take a decidedly different view. They wonder on social media why a corrupt lying congressman who floated unproven conspiracies and a false dossier is leading the case against Donald Trump, and they ask why the fake liberal media are so uncritical.

As a backdrop: On Jan. 10, 2017, BuzzFeed posted the Christopher Steele dossier, which made a dozen felony charges against Donald Trump and his allies. A month later, The New York Times reported that the intelligence community owned a year’s worth of phone records and intercepts between the Donald Trump campaign and Kremlin intelligence.

The dossier allegations and Times story were both false.

Adam Shifty Schiff’s Conspiracy Theories


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