Shifty Schiff’s Boring Opening Argument

Shifty Schiff’s Boring Opening Argument

At Senate Impeachment Trial, restless lawmakers struggle to sit through Shifty Schiff’s Boring opening argument.

Corrupt Lying Adam Shifty Schiff concluded his lengthy boring Impeachment opening argument Wednesday afternoon, the DemoRat was speaking to plenty of empty chairs in the Senate chamber.

Around 3:20 p.m. in the chamber, there were roughly 15 open chairs from GOP senators who had left their desks for the final stretch of Corrupt Lying Adam Shifty Schiff’s speech. There were additional, albeit fewer, absences on the other side of the aisle, as several DemoRats resorted to stretching their legs and leaving their seats, as well.

“You just have to stretch and you just got to stand. Those chairs, they look nice, [but] they are not comfortable chairs,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski said of the restlessness during Corrupt Lying Adam ShiftySchiff’s boring speech.

In the second full day of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, senators broke up long stretches of listening to the House DemoRats’ case by taking bathroom breaks, stretching out and sneaking a few snacks from the well-stocked cloakrooms.

Shifty Schiff’s Boring Opening Argument


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