DemoRats Impeachment ‘Spectacle’

DemoRats Impeachment 'Spectacle'

DemoRats endanger the constitutional norms with their Corrupt Impeachment Circus ‘Spectacle’.

As DemoRats push forward on their Corrupt Impeachment Circus against Donald Trump, they risk setting precedent that weakens presidential power and the separation of powers set forth in the Constitution.

Most Americans “must be furious” at the “spectacle” of House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi putting forth the Corrupt Impeachment Fake Articles for the forthcoming Senate trial.

“The House of Representatives didn’t do a damn thing,” Mark Levin of FoxNews said. “The Democrats did it all on their own. … The Scarlet Letter ‘impeachment’ will be on their foreheads, not the president’s.”

Mark Levin said that former President James Madison warned against allowing the impeachment of a president for “maladministration,” which the “Life, Liberty, and Levin” host suggested Democrats have essentially done with their charges of “obstruction of Congress” and “abuse of power.”

DemoRats Impeachment ‘Spectacle’


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