Crazy Pelosi’s ‘Cheap Theatrics’

Crazy Pelosi's 'Cheap Theatrics'

Donald Trump’s trade deal with China beats Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s ‘cheap theatrics’.

The Fake Impeachment Hoax “theatrics” by House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi, juxtaposing it with Donald Trump’s historic trade deal with China and saying that long-term the lead up to the Fake Impeachment Hoax will be forgotten.

“It was a day of choreographed moments, though, that was supposed to indicate the seriousness, the prayerfulness of all of this,” Laura Ingraham of FoxNews said sarcastically. “Not political at all, of course, but it only underscored the vacuousness of Crazy Nancy Pelosi and her Corrupt Collaborators.”

“While Crazy Nancy Pelosi was trying to pass herself off as a second Betsy Ross, Donald Trump was signing phase one of a trade pact with China that will directly benefit you, the American workers and our industry,” Laura Ingraham said. “Now, this is a deal no one thought was going to happen, but it tackles intellectual property theft, has real enforcement triggers, still keeps tariffs in place to keep the Chinese honest.”

Crazy Pelosi’s ‘Cheap Theatrics’


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