Communist Bernie’s ‘Medicare-for-all’ Lies

Communist Bernie's 'Medicare-for-all' Lies

Communist Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare-for-all’ Lies And Misinformation.

Communist Bernie Sanders has launched a new misinformation and lies campaign on “Medicare-for-all” in advance of the DemoRats Presidential Clowns Debate.

Last week, advisers to his corrupt campaign released a fake study trumpeting the supposed savings “Medicare-for-all” would bring. Days prior, Communist Bernie Sanders refused to say how much his “Medicare-for-all” plan would cost. “I don’t give a number and I’ll tell you why,” Communist Bernie Sanders said. “It’s such a huge number and it’s so complicated that if I gave a number you and 50 other people would go through it and say, ‘Oh . . .”

That number is huge all right, as much as $40 trillion over its first decade, as Communist Bernie Sanders himself has admitted. The human costs would be even higher, in the form of lengthy waits for critical care.

Communist Bernie’s ‘Medicare-for-all’ Lies

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