Crazy Nancy Pelosi 'Lost Control'

Crazy Nancy Pelosi has ‘lost control’ of the House, knows she made a mistake withholding the Corrupt Fake Impeachment Articles.

House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi damaged cross-party relations and ignored the needs of the American people by withholding the Fake articles of the Corrupt Impeachment against Donald Trump from the Senate, Republican Chip Roy said.

“I think she had a strategic error, and she was trying to appease her [far] left base,” Republican Chip Roy said. “… Over the last year, what has she done for the American people, other than turning over the House of Representatives to the radical left and AOC, and those who are trying to reshape this country [with] a socialist agenda?”

“She’s lost control,” Republican Chip Roy added.

On Friday, Crazy Nancy Pelosi announced she will take steps to send the Fake Articles to the Senate.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi ‘Lost Control’