Don’t Believe DemoRat Chuck Schumer

Don’t Believe DemoRat Chuck Schumer

On the Donald Trump impeachment trial, don’t believe DemoRat Chuck Schumer.

Lying DemoRat Chuck Schumer is waging a media blitz to demand that four of Donald Trump’s White House staff members be compelled to testify at the Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

Lying DemoRat Chuck Schumer claims that unless that happens, the trial will be unfair. Don’t believe Lying DemoRat Chuck Schumer. It’s a ploy to smear Donald Trump’s expected acquittal, leaving Donald Trump damaged goods for the November election.

Lying DemoRat Chuck Schumer accused Mitch McConnell of wanting a “mock trial” instead of real justice. This is an act by Lying DemoRat Chuck Schumer to deceive the public. Lying DemoRat Chuck Schumer knows there is zero chance the White House witnesses he’s demanding will testify.

Close advisers to all presidents are generally protected by executive privilege. This isn’t something Donald Trump invented. Previous presidents, from George Washington to Corrupt Barack Obama, have said “no” to similar congressional requests, arguing that it is their duty to protect the presidency from congressional overreach.

Don’t Believe DemoRat Chuck Schumer


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