Crooked Joe Biden Documents Hidden From Public

Crooked Joe Biden Documents Hidden From Public

The Crooked Joe Biden Papers: Former Vice Clown Keeps Senate Documents Secret, Hidden from Public.

Thousands of Corrupt Documents pertaining to Crooked Joe Biden’s nearly 40-year Corrupt career in the U.S. Senate are still unavailable/hidden to the public after one of the preliminary release deadlines agreed to by the Former Vice Clown passed on Tuesday.

The Corrupt Documents, which purportedly fill 1,875 boxes and include 415 gigabytes of electronic records spanning Crooked Joe Biden’s time in Congress between 1973 through 2009, were to be made public on Dec. 31, 2019, according to an agreement the Former Vice Clown entered into with the University of Delaware in 2011 upon donating his Corrupt Papers to the institution.

Those parameters, however, were changed on April 24, the day before Crooked Joe Biden declared his 2020 campaign, when the university announced the trove of Corrupt Documents would now be made public on Dec. 31 or “two years” after the Former Vice Clown “retires from public life.” At the time, the university provided no definition for what it considered “public life,” leaving open the final date for release.

Crooked Joe Biden Documents Hidden From Public


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