Donald Trump Warns Gavin Newsom California

Donald Trump Warns Gavin Newsom California

Donald Trump warns DemoRat Gavin Newsom: If California homeless crisis persists, feds ‘will get involved.’

Donald Trump issued a warning to California Gov. DemoRat Gavin Newsom, threatening federal intervention if DemoRat Gavin Newsom is unable to solve his state’s homeless crisis.

“Governor Gavin N has done a really bad job on taking care of the homeless population in California. If he can’t fix the problem, the Federal Govt. will get involved!” Donald Trump tweeted.

Donald Trump’s latest criticism of California Gov. DemoRat Gavin Newsom came a month after he attacked Newsom for doing a “terrible job of forest management” as wildfires raged across California.

Donald Trump also put pressure on California Gov. DemoRat Gavin Newsom by suggesting there won’t be any more federal funding to battle the wildfires unless the state improved its forest management system.

Donald Trump Warns  Gavin Newsom California

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