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‘Time To Cut The DemoRats Off’

Time To Cut The DemoRats Off

Republicans fume over DemoRats threat of new Fake Impeachment Articles: ‘Time to cut the DemoRats off’.

Republicans ratcheted up their accusations that the Corrupt Crooked Backstabbing DemoRats are overplaying their Fake Impeachment hand after court filings from the Corrupt House Judiciary CLowns indicated the two Fake Articles of the Corrupt Impeachment adopted last week may only be the beginning.

If the court allows the Corrupt Crooked Backstabbing DemoRats to obtain the information they seek, their attorney wrote, “new articles of impeachment” could be considered based on the evidence. GOP lawmakers reacted with stunned disbelief.

DemoRats are treating impeachment as an open bar tab,” Lindsey Graham, tweeted Monday afternoon. “Time to cut them off, take their car keys away (put GOP in control of the House), and end this insanity.”

‘Time To Cut The DemoRats Off’


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