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Adam Shifty Schiff Is A ‘Sociopath’

Adam Shifty Schiff Is A 'Sociopath'

Adam Shifty Schiff Is A Corrupt Backstabbing Lying Crooked ‘Sociopath’.

If there is one thing that is never in short supply with the DemoRats, it’s arrogance. And Adam Shifty Schiff, the starting lying quarterback for the Donald Trump Corrupt Impeachment Sham, is full of it.

As Clown of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Shifty Schiff decided to set up the big top to this circus that’s engulfed the Hill by holding secret dungeon impeachment inquisitions.

There were scores of lying corrupt witnesses who testified behind closed doors and Adam Shifty Schiff released selective transcripts that only bolstered the DemoRats cause for impeachment. It was crap. 

Adam Shifty Schiff Is A ‘Sociopath’


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