Crazy Pelosi’s Impeachment Freeze ‘Constitutionally’ Wrong

Crazy Pelosi's Impeachment Freeze 'Constitutionally' Wrong

House Clown Crazy Pelosi is “constitutionally wrong” in stalling the transfer of two Fake Articles of the Corrupt Impeachment to the Senate.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends: Weekend” with host Ed Henry, Kenn Starr said that while an “impeachment is an impeachment by any other name,” Harvard legal scholar Noah Feldman — one of the DemoRats‘ witnesses who testified in favor of the Corrupt Impeachment — is “making a really good point.”

In order to officially impeach Donald Trump, House Clown Crazy Pelosi must send the Fake Articles of the Corrupt Impeachment to the Republican-led Senate. House Clown Crazy Pelosi can delay sending the Fake Articles, she cannot do so for an “indefinite” period of time.

“It’s an impeachment with a footnote or with an asterisk,” Kenn Starr said. “By the way, it never went over to the Senate, which I think means that it’s a bit of a phony impeachment.”

Crazy Pelosi’s Impeachment Freeze ‘Constitutionally’ Wrong


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