Republicans Laugh At DemoRat

Republicans Laugh At DemoRat

Top DemoRat Says His Party ‘Did Not Wish’ To Impeach Donald Trump, Republicans Laugh At The DemoRat.

House Majority Clown Whoopy Steny Hoyer drew laughter and jeers from Republican lawmakers after he said Corrupt DemoRats “did not wish” to impeach Donald Trump.

Whoopy Steny Hoyer Hoyer, the second-highest Clown DemoRat in the House, spoke shortly before the House voted to impeach the Donald Trump. “Democrats did not choose this impeachment. We did not wish for it,” the idiot said.

A Republican lawmaker interrupted the Maryland DemoRat and shouted: “Oh, come on!” Other Republicans in the chamber laughed at Whoopy Steny Hoyer’s assertion, with some booing it as well.

Republicans Laugh At DemoRat


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