Corrupt Impeachment Based On DemoRats’ Hatred

Corrupt Impeachment Based On DemoRats’ Hatred

Corrupt Impeachment is based on DemoRats’ hatred of Donald Trump and anger at his election.

House DemoRats voted Wednesday night to impeach Donald Trump to exact political revenge for his election defeat of DemoRat Crooked Hillary Clinton three years ago. This is his real “crime” in the eyes of the Crooked Corrupt Lying DemoRats.

This partisan, baseless Corrupt Impeachment will be forced through by the Crooked Corrupt DemoRats 21 years after PornStar Bill Clinton was impeached by the House in a bipartisan vote.

The Crooked Corrupt DemoRats deny it, but it’s obvious that their hatred of Donald Trump is why we will see the only purely partisan Corrupt Impeachment in U.S. history.

From the moment violent riots broke out in Anti-Trump leftist strongholds after Donald Trump emerged victorious in the November 2016 election, DemoRats have plotted his Corrupt Impeachment and forced removal.

Corrupt Impeachment Based On DemoRats’ Hatred


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