DemoRats Impeachment Sham Is Exposed

DemoRats Impeachment Sham Is Exposed

Adam Shifty Schiff’s, Pig Jerry Nadler’s and Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Sham is Exposed.

This week, just days before Christmas, DemoRrats are going to take the radical step of impeaching DonaldTrump despite the lack of evidence of any wrongdoing – a crooked process run by Adam Shifty Schiff, Pig Jerry Nadler and Crazy Nancy Pelosi amid opposition from a majority of the American people.

It’s clear that this entire process isn’t about following the law and a total Sham, but rather about partisan Corrupt Crooked Politics and undoing the 2016 election.

DemoRats know they cannot defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box in November 2020, so the DemoRats created a Sham Corrupt process to try to smear him. Ultimately, this whole Corrupt Impeachment Sham is a carefully orchestrated operation to stage a coup against Donald Trump. Idiot DemoRat Al Green (is Black) even admitted just that, saying, “If we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.” Pig Jerry Nadler said just last week that “we cannot wait for the election” to remove Donald Trump.

DemoRats Impeachment Sham Is Exposed


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