Corrupt Liar Obama Spied On Donald Trump

Corrupt Liar Obama Spied On Donald Trump

Corrupt Liar Obama spied on Donald Trump and the Crooked FBI lied repeatedly. Donald Trump is being impeached?

When Donald Trump first blew the whistle, in a now-famous 2017 tweet that misspelled the word “tapp”, on the previous corrupt crooked Democrat administration’s spying operation against Donald Trump’s campaign at the height of the election, Corrupt Democratic Swamp creatures laughed. They ridiculed. They mocked. It was a lie, they said. Never happened.

And the gaslight anti-Trump fake media backed them up. The anti-Trump fake media whitewashed the whole thing for the corrupt friends in the crooked Obama administration. And for their criminal friends in the federal administrative state.

Today, after enduring two years of spinning, counter-leaks and relentless lies, we know officially what any sensible person knew from the beginning.

The corrupt FBI spied on an official they believed or pretended to believe, was working inside the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign on behalf of the Russian government to hijack the election and install a Manchurian candidate who would give America away to Moscow.

The corrupt FBI never alerted the Donald Trump campaign to this grave inside threat, obviously, because the Department of Justice believed that the Trump campaign, including Donald Trump, himself, was in on the giant con.

At the moment decisions were being made to spy on the Donald Trump campaign, Corrupt Liar Obama was president.

Corrupt Liar Obama Spied On Donald Trump


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