DemoRats Pig Nadler and Shifty Schiff

DemoRats Pig Nadler and Shifty Schiff

Kevin McCarthy torches corrupt crooked DemoRats’ Impeachment Sham: Pig Nadler is ‘inept’ and Shifty Schiff is a ‘liar’.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy torched House Intelligence Committee Clown Adam Shifty Schiff, accusing him of lying throughout the impeachment inquisition process against Donald Trump.

“Schiff dislikes this president so much, he will lie and lie and do anything to impeach this president,” Kevin McCarthy said.

Kevin McCarthy went on to detail the alleged lies by Adam Shifty Schiff, including dubious claims about Donald Trump’s ties to Russia as the Mueller probe unfolded.

“We found out that was a lie,” Kevin McCarthy said. “Remember when he said he wished he knew who the whistleblower was? That was a lie.”

Republicans have been criticizing Adam Shifty Schiff for subpoenaing and releasing phone records of calls between the office of former Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes and Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, and journalist John Solomon.

DemoRats Pig Nadler and Shifty Schiff


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