AOC Amazon Jobs False ‘Misleading’ Tweet

AOC Amazon Jobs False 'Misleading' Tweet

Communist AOC blasted for False ‘Misleading’ Tweet taking ‘Victory Lap’ over new Amazon jobs in New York City.

Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was slammed over what critics say is a “misleading” tweet touting a new report about Amazon bringing jobs to New York City.

Last summer, Communist Ocasio-Cortez waged war against Amazon after the retail giant struck a deal with the state of New York to open a second headquarters in New York City, which would have brought 25,000 jobs to the city, in exchange for $3 billion in state and local subsidies. Ultimately, Amazon backed out of the deal.

However, it was reported Friday that Amazon was leasing a 335,000-square-foot office space in Manhattan that is set to bring only 1,500 jobs into the city.

Communist Ocasio-Cortez falsely celebrated the news on Twitter.

“Won’t you look at that: Amazon is coming to NYC anyway – *without* requiring the public to finance shady deals, helipad handouts for Jeff Bezos, & corporate giveaways,” Communist Ocasio-Cortez said. “Maybe the Trump admin should focus more on cutting public assistance to billionaires instead of poor families.”

AOC Amazon Jobs False ‘Misleading’ Tweet

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