Sleazy Democrats Protect Corrupt Joe Biden

Sleazy Democrats Protect Corrupt Joe Biden

The Sleazy Democrats seek to protect Corrupt Crooked Joe Biden from serious corruption accusations.

House Intelligence Committee Clowns Lying Adam Shifty Schiff’s Impeachment Inquisition report promised “uncontested evidence” against Donald Trump. But that’s not what it delivers. A careful reading shows its real purpose is to protect former Vice Clown Corrupt Joe Biden from accusations of corruption.

The report should be called “The Biden Protection Plan” or “Whitewash the Bidens.”

Lying Adam Shifty Schiff and his fellow Crooked Democrats on the Intelligence Committee Circus voted to approve the report, while every Republican on the committee opposed it.

The Corrupt Democratic report distorts what witnesses said in recent Fake hearings and omits evidence exonerating Donald Trump. It’s a dishonest Corrupt political document.

Worse, the Corrupt report bears all the fingerprints of a Fake manufactured pseudo-scandal, orchestrated by Lying Adam Shifty Schiff.

Sleazy Democrats Protect Corrupt Joe Biden

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