Dems Plot Against Donald Trump is Big

Dems Plot Against Donald Trump is Big

The Dems Crooked Corrupt Plot against Donald Trump is Real and Bigger than many think!

House Singer Crazy Nancy Pelosi and the Corrupt Democrats’ tunnel-vision focus on impeaching Donald Trump puts all of us, as Americans, at risk.

Since the day Donald Trump was elected president, the Corrupt Democrats have been formulating and executing the Crooked Corrupt plot we have been watching unfold. After Donald Trump won a massive electoral majority, the Crooked Corrupt Democrats started digging.

The Crooked Corrupt Democrats have been determined to find something – anything – they can use to attack him. The central focus of all of this is to describe and define Donald Trump as a corrupt president so often that people being to accept the narrative. It’s not only the elected Crooked Corrupt Democrats. Much of the Backstabbing intelligence community has been equally determined to “uncover” something on Donald Trump from the beginning.

We have seen this pattern with the so-called Trump Towers in Moscow scandal, the Robert Mueller investigation, and now the Crazy Pelosi-Adam Shifty Schiff Impeachment Inquisition effort.

Dems Plot Against  Donald Trump is Big


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