Lying Democrats’ ‘Free Stuff’ Fairy Tale

Lying Democrats' 'Free Stuff' Fairy Tale

The national debt approaching $1 trillion is at the bottom of voters’ priority lists amid calls for free programs from Lying Democrats’ ‘Free Stuff’ Fairy Tale Candidates.

Socialist candidate ‘Free Stuff’ Fairy Tale Lying Elizabeth Warren and ‘Free Stuff’ Fairy Tale Communist Bernie Sanders have faced pressure to explain how they plan to pay for their ‘Free Stuff’ Fairy Tale for free college, universal health care and more, but explicit calls to reduce deficits have proved to be tough sells, even as voters acknowledge the problem.

“That is the quietest 800-pound gorilla in the country,” said Joe Normandy, a Republican voter in the Northern Virginia community of Catharpin. “If we don’t get a handle on that, the country is going to experience very severe, unpopular issues in order to solve it downstream.”

Mr. Normandy, an executive at a nonprofit group, acknowledged that a ‘Free Stuff’ Fairy Tale is easier to sell than belt-tightening.

“But nothing’s free,” he said. “There’s no such thing as free, and younger people gravitate to the word ‘free.’”

Lying Democrats’ ‘Free Stuff’ Fairy Tale


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